ROOT!T T5 2ft Light with Stand

2 Foot System - L66cm x l46cm x H61cm

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Rootit Grow Lights have been specifically designed to give your plants the best light they need. Fully adjustable, the Rootit Grow Light allows you to alter the height of the light, so that the it is either closer or further away from the plants to ensure a healthy and robust growth. Each Rootit Grow Light is fitted with a high output Rootit T5 full daylight spectrum bulb, that encourages faster growth. These Rootit T5 bulbs are more than twice as efficient than ordinary grow lights, have 20% more light intensity than comparable fluorescent grow lights and are cool running.

  • You control the seasons, grow all year round
  • Maximise your success rate
  • Faster more vigorous rooting
  • Simple to use and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, sleek and durable design

Each ROOT!T T5 provides:

  • 2000 initial lumens
  • 24 watts 6400K – full daylight spectrum
  • 20,000 hour life

The ROOT!T Grow Light has an independent on/off switch, long power cord, robust design and is able accommodate the most popular sizes of propagator. Not only is it simple and easy to use, it promotes great plant growth and it is cheap to run.


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